About Amrut Kumbh

Amrutkumbh is the bi-monthly Marathi magazine of Prajapita BrahmaKumarisIshwariyaVishwaVidyalaya. At the beginning the name of this magazine was AmrutKalash. Subsequently with the success of AmrutKalash, in 2007 it was incorporated under an official umbrella and renamed as AmrutKumbh.

The language of this magazine is Marathi so it is very popular in Maharashtra and Goa states, so also in Belgaon region. The objective of this magazine is to spread Godly knowledge amongst all Marathi for culture specific for establishment of better world. The public response for this magazine is increasing day by day. At present 26,000 copies of the said magazine are printed and these are circulated amongst 1 lac people approximately. To be precise this magazine has proved an effective medium for Godly service. In near future, this magazine will be pride of Marathi knowing people since this is the unique Marathi magazine of PrajapitaBrahmakumaris.

The aims and objective of the collaboration are as follows:

  • To impart and propagate the principles of Rajyoga education.
  • To propagate and encourage the study and practice the principles of Truth, non violence, spiritual love and divine virtue.
  • To foster soul-consciousness and the spirit of universal brotherhood.