Introduction of PBKIVV

Prajapita BrahmaKumariIshwariyaVishwaVidyalaya was founded in Hyderabad, Sindh in 1936-1937 by the Incorporeal Supreme Father, God Shiva through the Corporeal Medium of AdiDev-Prajapita Brahma formerly names as Dada Lekh Raj. The Head quarters gifted to Mount Abu, the highest peak of Western India situated in the lap of Aravali Hills in Rajasthan in 1950. The natural & spiritual atmosphere of Abu facilitated to spread the spiritual vibrations around the world.

The unique Vishwa Vidyalaya has become a well respected institution, as its spiritual wisdom & teachings of ethical values has provided life-long learning of people of all ages over the years. It has gained international acceptance & recognition for its service to humanity.Brahmakumaris have global network in 137 countries with more than 8500 centres. About 9,00,000 persons daily study moral & spiritual values & practice mediation at the centres.

The organization is affiliated to the department of Public Information (DPI) of the United Nations as a Non GovernmentOrganisation (NGO). It holds General Consultative Status in Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) & UNICEF.

It has an agreement with the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica. It received 6 Peace Messenger Awards for its work in promoting peace during the International Years of Peace.

The centers' are open to everyone irrespective of nationality, race, religion, caste, creed, sector, gender or age. Most of the centers are run by women because of the importance of the mystical &spiritual capacity of feminine Brahma Baba. The instrumental founder & corporeal medium of Incorporeal Shiva Baba, the Supreme, understood the need to give importance to the rok of women in work of transformation. He recognized the need to re-address the imbalance between the genders by raising the status & position of women & establish their right to pursue a spiritual life & dedicate their lives to spiritual service, if this is their choice.